Friday, August 5, 2011

I've been thinking...scary, I know lol

It's been an eventful summer this year. My oldest daughter turned 9 and we had her very 1st National Dance Competition with her dance group. They did extremely well and we are one proud group of parents and teachers.

With that being said, I have noticed a change in my daughter. At first I attributed it to her getting more comfortable with her fellow dancers and just kind of feeling her way as far as her place in the group went. Now I have realized that it is something far scarier and far worse.

It is the dreaded PUBERTY. God help me, I'm not ready for this! The mood swings, the attitudes, the eye rolling!!! I mean, come on! As per her pediatrician, she is at the very beginning stages. Um, hello doc? if this is the beginning, well then you better get a prescription for Valium ready! FOR ME!!! Aside from the fact that I am sooo not ready for that whole "becoming a woman" talk. I mean, am I a bad mom for wanting the conversation to begin with "Hey mom, what's a period?" Rather than "Ok hun, you and mommy need to sit down and have a talk about, um, well, your body and um, the changes and um, hold on, be right back" (as I go take one of the Valium that the doctor will have prescribed for me). You have to understand, this is a kid who literally sat up in bed when she had her first loose tooth because she was afraid she would swallow it in her sleep, a kid who freaked out when that tooth fell out and her mouth bled! She's gonna think she's bleeding to death when she gets "the dot" I refuse to call it her "friend" cause God knows that will definitely be a whole OTHER conversation. You know, it's your friend cause when you start having sex you WANT it to come visit!!!
Ah well, I think I need a drink now....just the thought of this is talk is making me nervous! lol later gators!


  1. You will need to wash that Valium down with a martini (or 6).

    I am a few steps ahead of you on all this, but just barley, I'm still learning and will probably never STOP learning! Oy...a Zombie Apocolypse is easier to deal with than a PMS'ing, tween/teen with a strong personality. Pass that bottle Kim, both of them!

  2. And I spelled apocalypse wrong...oops...