Tuesday, April 26, 2011

conflicted....last day of Spring Break!

So it is the last day of Spring Break for my kiddies today. I have to say, minus the few fist fights and bloodcurdling screams about who took who's spot on the couch, it was a really great vacation.
So now I am conflicted, part of me is sad that they are going back to school tomorrow  because I really had fun with them. We went shopping and out to lunch and ran errands. They came with me to the chiropractor and made it fun for me. As they grow up. as scary as that may be :-s, they are each becoming their own person. Their ideas, opinions and feelings sometimes amaze me. Every so often I get a glimpse of what my two daughters will be like as adults, and it makes me proud and happy.
NOW - onto the GLAD (here's the conflict peeps) aspect! Part of me is glad because I get my house back! No more toys all over all day long, no more Disney Channel (at least for the hours that they are in school). No more sharing my laptop! No more temptation from their snacks that they eat all day, and most of all????? It will be quiet! YAY!!
So, today's the last day of vacation for my babies....think I'll go wake 'em up and make the most of it!
Have a great day my friends!!

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