Tuesday, November 22, 2011

and so it goes....

So peeps, it's been awhile, I know. Life has a funny, screwed up way of happening when you aren't looking! I am finding it very hard to believe that Thanksgiving is in 2 days. UGH!!! what happened to this year? Where did it go? OH WAIT!! I know! it went to the lives of these 2 adorable, yet wacky, little humans that I call my daughters.

Ya know, I thought being a pre-teen was hard. Then I thought, nah, that was easy! Being a TEEN is hard. HA! Then came adulthood and (dirty word coming up!) WORKING! ack yeah, that was rough and busy, then marriage. Siiiiigh...then? BAM! Motherhood!!! Holy Heck! Why didn't anyone tell me it was gonna be busier then the first 30 years of my life COMBINED!!!

I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom and guess what? I am hardly ever at home! Where am I? Let's see, I am at dance and school and the supermarket and the library and the post office.....I am not a "mom" I am "Gal Friday" I get to do alllll those little things that no one else wants to do! Laundry? got it! Cleaning? got it! Cooking? ugh, got that too!

I am PTA mom, School Leadership Team mom, Dance Company mom, chauffeur, chef, laundress, maid, referee, nurse, psychologist, computer tech, personal shopper, seamstress...hmmm and let's not forget pack mule since their schoolbags are so heavy there is NO way they can carry them home lol.

Above all else, I am the care giver to these 2 little girls who depend on me for so much. With a smile and a hug they can turn the darkest day into a day of rainbows. Is my life insanely busy? Yes. Are there some days when I say to myself "WHY did I want kids??" Yes. Would I change anything? Nope....well....unless someone wants to come and clean my house for me????

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Severe Winters! Extreme Heat! Earthquake! Now? Hurricane???

OK seriously! what is up with Mother Nature? The extreme weather this year has been like being in the room with a bi-polar woman in menopause who hasn't taken her meds in months! I'm thinking of packing up my kids and moving to a mountain somewhere so we won't get washed away....then again, with my luck, the 120 mile an hour winds will just blow us right off the mountain! lol, Guess I'm gonna just be a true New Yorker and roll with the punches that Mother Nature throws....although I do wish she would settle down a bit!!! Stay safe peeps <3

Friday, August 5, 2011

I've been thinking...scary, I know lol

It's been an eventful summer this year. My oldest daughter turned 9 and we had her very 1st National Dance Competition with her dance group. They did extremely well and we are one proud group of parents and teachers.

With that being said, I have noticed a change in my daughter. At first I attributed it to her getting more comfortable with her fellow dancers and just kind of feeling her way as far as her place in the group went. Now I have realized that it is something far scarier and far worse.

It is the dreaded PUBERTY. God help me, I'm not ready for this! The mood swings, the attitudes, the eye rolling!!! I mean, come on! As per her pediatrician, she is at the very beginning stages. Um, hello doc? if this is the beginning, well then you better get a prescription for Valium ready! FOR ME!!! Aside from the fact that I am sooo not ready for that whole "becoming a woman" talk. I mean, am I a bad mom for wanting the conversation to begin with "Hey mom, what's a period?" Rather than "Ok hun, you and mommy need to sit down and have a talk about, um, well, your body and um, the changes and um, hold on, be right back" (as I go take one of the Valium that the doctor will have prescribed for me). You have to understand, this is a kid who literally sat up in bed when she had her first loose tooth because she was afraid she would swallow it in her sleep, a kid who freaked out when that tooth fell out and her mouth bled! She's gonna think she's bleeding to death when she gets "the dot" I refuse to call it her "friend" cause God knows that will definitely be a whole OTHER conversation. You know, it's your friend cause when you start having sex you WANT it to come visit!!!
Ah well, I think I need a drink now....just the thought of this is talk is making me nervous! lol later gators!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

conflicted....last day of Spring Break!

So it is the last day of Spring Break for my kiddies today. I have to say, minus the few fist fights and bloodcurdling screams about who took who's spot on the couch, it was a really great vacation.
So now I am conflicted, part of me is sad that they are going back to school tomorrow  because I really had fun with them. We went shopping and out to lunch and ran errands. They came with me to the chiropractor and made it fun for me. As they grow up. as scary as that may be :-s, they are each becoming their own person. Their ideas, opinions and feelings sometimes amaze me. Every so often I get a glimpse of what my two daughters will be like as adults, and it makes me proud and happy.
NOW - onto the GLAD (here's the conflict peeps) aspect! Part of me is glad because I get my house back! No more toys all over all day long, no more Disney Channel (at least for the hours that they are in school). No more sharing my laptop! No more temptation from their snacks that they eat all day, and most of all????? It will be quiet! YAY!!
So, today's the last day of vacation for my babies....think I'll go wake 'em up and make the most of it!
Have a great day my friends!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sometimes it just works!

So, today was Easter. Happy Easter to all of my friends who celebrate it!
Kids woke me up at 6:15 a.m. to see if the Easter Bunny had come. He had. The were thrilled with their baskets, even though they didn't hold much, just some pencils, a small stuffed lamb, a chocolate bunny....and oh yes! The best thing ever (according to them), a gift card to Claire's Accessories store! YAY!! Just what they wanted! How did the Bunny know?!?!?!? lol
We spent some time relaxing, then they started...at 7:15...."Can we get dressed in our Easter clothes now?" "When are we going to Grandma & Peepaw's house?" "NOW can we get dressed?!?!?!?" lol very excited kiddos!
So, I let them get dressed around 8, we all get ready, go to the store to print out some pics (only because my sis and sis-in-law have been waiting for the 5 pic of my youngest since she turned 5.....back in September lol) and we go to church. It was a nice mass, not to long that the kids got antsy.
Church is over and guess what I hear? Yup! "Are we going to Grandma n Peepaw's NOW???" YESSSSSSSS  we are!!!!
It was a beautiful day, the weather cooperated, 2 of my youngest nephews were there. The kids had so much fun hunting for Easter eggs and playing together, no one fought, no family drama.
It was just a really nice day spent with people we love. Now, as we all know, there are many times when families get together and there is drama, so I am happy to say that this was one day were there was nothing but FUN! I am so lucky to have such a great family and am truly thankful that my girls have such awesome relationships with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!! xoxo
So, yes, sometimes it all just WORKS!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

shoe shopping for the kids? Sure, if I want them to look 18!

So, it's that time of year again, time to go Easter shoe and/or sandal shopping for my girls. You would think it would be easy, cute little white sandals or flats for an 8 year old and a 5 year old. Nope, not even close. When did kids shoes become so, well, adult? 3 inch heels on a child's size 9 shoe is a bit much for me. As for shoes in a child's size 1? Well, let's just say the wedge heel seems to be the "In" thing.

Why do kids who don't walk, but run everywhere need heels? Do they really need the added height? Or the broken ankles? They have the rest of their lives to complain about how "OMG These heels are killing me" and "Oh man, my feet hurt from these shoes, but they're SO sexy".

Why do people feel the need to rush them? I remember when I was a kid, we had white flats, black flats, pink flats and then you had cute little sandals. Now when you go shoe shopping for the kiddies it's as if "Shoes for Hookers" has gone miniature! WHY???

So, needless to say, after hours of searching, I finally found shoes that while not exactly kid-like, were more appropriate for them. Not an easy feat! (pun intended lol)
Now...I am just sooo looking forward to shopping for summer clothes and bathing suits for them... hmmmm, maybe I'll just learn how to sew....

Friday, April 22, 2011

ahhhhh that first cup of coffee

So, it's morning, the kids are asleep, the hubby is asleep...the dog? Well, heck, he's the reason I'm outta bed! He just had this need to go to the bathroom. Ah, well, what can ya do? At least now I can have my first cup of coffee (did I mention that my blood type is Folgers?) in peace and quiet.

Nope, not gonna happen.....you see, I have a spoiled rotten Chihuahua named Peppy. Yes Peppy, not Pepe. I know so many people that have Chihuahuas and name them Pepe. WHY? Is it 'cause they're Mexican dogs? Why not name them Jose or Juan? So I figured I would just change it up a little, I'm bad like that lol. Anyway, yes, Peppy is spoiled. He is now whining for me to move his bed since the ray of sunlight he was lounging in has moved...so here I go to move the dogs bed....

Well surprise, surprise! I hear footsteps on the stairs....looks like one of the munchkins is awake...so much for my quiet cup of coffee....
One day it will happen! I know it will!!
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Losing yourself in your kids

So, we've all been there. We wake up one morning to "Mooooooom! I'm hungry!!!" and we wonder, "What the heck?!?!? What happened to my morning cup of coffee in silence??"
We then wake up and proceed to meet the needs of all of our family members, while pushing to the back-burner the things we wanted to do for ourselves. Hair done? HA! pontytail here I come. Make-up? Does grabbing your daughters cherry-sparkle chapstick and swiping some on count? Dressed up? Ya think so huh? Sweats are just so versatile, aren't they? Besides, have you ever tried to chase down your child who forgot their lunch box (OK! OK! I forgot to hand it over lol) in HEELS??? Not safe, especially if you have not consumed the required amount of coffee for athletic events!
Want to read a book? Ummm, yeah, maybe while you're on line in the supermarket or at the bank, oh wait, can't do that then 'cause you'll probably fall asleep and miss your turn!
We wait and wait for our children to walk and talk...and then we PRAY that they will sit down and hush up, even for a measly 5 minutes.
Well, I would love to write more, but I am getting kicked off the computer by my 5 year old because she has to check her Facebook and my 8 year old wants to play a game. OH and the dog is whining because he wants to be covered!!
have a great night!!!


So, a blog. Seemed like a great idea at the time. Now? Not so sure lol.
Guess I should start off with a little background on myself, no?
I am a stay at home mom, married to an EMT. We have 2 beautiful (if a little wacky) daughters.
There seem to be so many moms who think the same way I do about so many different things. Guess we shall soon find out if they are just MY friends that are a little nuts, or if it just comes with motherhood! So here we go!
Grab a cup of coffee, or a shot of Tequila and enjoy!
Have a great day :-)